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"Mum, do you really think I ever want to feel that bad again?"

Corinne (age 49) The Netherlands

Corinne: “We have been trying to figure out what was wrong with the health our daughter Jolien (14) for such a long time. In the 6th grade of primary school, she started wetting her pants, becoming incontinent. That was really tragic for her self-confidence. We went from family doctor to hospital, from hospital to the specialized unit for incontinent kids. She was admitted for a whole day, being examined thoroughly, she was turned inside out. An ultrasound scan was made; a catheter was inserted. Her bladder was injected with a contrast fluid. She was referred to a physiotherapist for pelvic floor muscle training. A survey was done for cystitis (bladder infection). And so on, and so on. Eventually, the advice was: go visit a remedial educationalist, because physically, there was nothing wrong. And then this remedial educationalist told us to go to a psychologist. Because, according to him, Jolien her urinating problem was actually all in her mind.

Then we went to the educational centre in Alkmaar, for an IQ-test. The result was fine. The only thing she needed was more challenges at school. This way, we struggled on and on. Meantime, Jolien was getting increasingly more tired. And by the time she started menstruating, her periods came with a lot of extra symptoms. The doctor told us: “Well she’s just hitting puberty now”.

At school, her marks were getting worse. This kept getting worse, because she had growing problems concentrating."My head feels full”, Jolien said. “Class is so busy for me. There is too much to absorb”. We discovered that half the time at school she was forced to sit outside the classroom, in order to try and find a bit of peace and quiet and concentration–which initially she had not told us about at all.
Playing hockey became harder for her to keep up with as well. Partly because she started getting bad headaches or stomach aches during training. The family doctor had her blood tested. Her Hb looked fine. “She is just going through puberty, and this wetting her pants during the day is just laziness”, our doctor told us. And to be honest, that is what we thought as well, in the end. Because we really had crossed every path with her, regular as well as alternative treatments like homeopathy, Bach Flowers therapy, dowsing, you name it.

The straw that broke the camel's back was in spring 2013, when she called us on our cell, from the hockey field where she was training. “Could you please pick me up, because my headache is killing me, I have strange tingling in my feet and hands, and it feels like I could collapse any moment now”. Once more we went to visit the family doctor. He did not want to take any action. I told him: ”You just need to do more tests! My child is not well! There ought to be a cause of all these symptoms?!”. But he just told us he could not do anything for us.
A few days later, I was at my hairdresser, and I told her this story of our daughter. She said: “Oh, but I used to have the same symptoms. It appeared to be a deficiency of vitamin B12, and with vitamin B12 injections I am doing so much better now”. So there I was back at my doctor’s office. I told him this hairdresser’s story, but his reaction was: “Oh, B12? That’s a hype. I am not doing anything with that”. I said: “Well, I still want you to do another blood test and specifically on vitamin B12. Even if I have to pay for it myself!”. After a lot of debating, he finally agreed. It appeared Jolien’s B12 level was 148 pmoll. The doctor then said: “That’s okay. She is at the lower limit, but still there is no need to do anything”.

I said:“No need to do anything? Just look at my kid: she is getting more washed-out and paler by the day. She is wetting her pants at daytime. She suffers regular head- and stomach-aches, and at school she is hardly getting by: this girl is not well!!” Eventually, he referred us to a specialist paediatrician at the MCA of Alkmaar.

The paediatrician told us:“Yes, my colleague has recently done research on this topic. But with these results of 148 pmoll she can live okay”. He did some additional blood and urine tests, but with no conspicuous outcome. The paediatrician advised us to go visit a remedial educationalist, in order for her to learn to deal with her “aches”...I read the letter this paediatrician wrote to my family doctor. It said: “School is almost over. Apparently she is just tired”. I was furious! What a lack of insight!

Then, during summer of 2013, unexpectedly I was tipped off about a physician, Dr. Hans Reijnen, who was going to lecture on Vitamin B12 in Bergen, not far from where we live. My husband and I attended. We listened to Hans Reijnen’s explanation about everything on B12, getting increasingly fascinated. I was very emotional: all of these bits and pieces of the past 5 years with Jolien suddenly made sense. I thought. “Wow, should we have known this before...”, At the moment I was only able to weep. Especially the moment when someone from the audience asked about his kid of somewhat the same age, with all kinds of health issues and a blood level of 147.“This is way too low”, Hans Reijnen replied. “Well, that’s it!”, Partly thanks to mediation of the people of this website, we were able to consult Dr. Reijnen himself.

He found a huge deficiency of vitamin B12 with Jolien. “This is making her very sick”, he said. He advised us the Power Package B12 [Methylcobalamin en Adenosylcobalamin B12, with Folic Acid -ed.] for three months. Meantime he had also invited in Frederique, Jolien’s 9-years old sister, from the waiting room, in order to test her too, since she was there with us. So he did, and guess what: she appeared to have a huge lack of B12 as well. But I will tell you more about that after this.

Back to Jolien first: initially, she found it scary to take such a large amount of Vitamin B12. I told her: “Right now it is our one and only option, dear”. And so we started off. She has taken these B12 lozenges very conscientiously in high doses, and these started working very rapidly: soon she was getting less tired. The tingling hands and feet started to fade; just like her headaches and abdominal pains. Also her serious menstruation problems diminished and… little by little, Jolien did NOT wet her pants anymore! This was and is of course great, after so many years of pee-misery.
Only her ability to focus remains a little on the weak side; she is still easily distracted. When, a while after those B12 recovery months, I asked her: “Are you still taking your B12 as you should?”, she answered: “Mum, do you really think I ever want to feel that bad again?!”. I think that says it all. I think that even as her parents we have underestimated how miserable she must have felt these past few years. I think she even felt more sick and miserable than we ever have noticed.

Anyway, in October, after 3 months of vitamin B12 usage, we went back to Dr. Reijnen’s office. By then, everything appeared to be okay: she could stop even taking the Vitamin B12 supplements.

About her sister Frederique; who actually did not show any health problems. The only thing was her hair: she was born bald-headed, and only when she was three years of age, she had a few wisps of hair. And this had not become much better ever since. Her hair remained short, thin and spiky, but it didn’t really mean much. So, at some point, Frederique sought solace in hair extensions.
In Hans’s practice it appeared that she also, just like Jolien, had a huge deficiency of B12. So she began taking the Power Package as well. Something we did not dare hope was that, from that moment on, her hair finally started growing and became fuller! That was wonderful for Frederique, also for her self-confidence. Meantime, she was able to have her extensions removed, and now she just has a beautiful, healthy wealth of hair, down to her shoulders. This is very special to witness. And neither Frederique has to take extra Vitamin B12 anymore since October..

Looking back at the past few years, I often say: “If I had known this before!”. I feel anger towards the family doctor and the medical profession in general, how they completely ignored this subject of B12. Actually, I find it incredible that they trivialized it like they did, and tell their patients that a blood count of 148 is sufficient. It still remains hard to get over the fact that they keep holding on to their own uncompromising medical dictionary, in their thinking and acting.
My daughter, my husband and I have been driven from pillar to post, with all these expensive and, in hindsight, completely unnecessary examinations. Now we know for certain that Jolien just had a huge Vitamin B12 deficiency!!
Luckily for us, we continued our search for answers to her complaints. And of course we did, because you will go the extra mile for your child. But what we went through these past few years with our daughter has been very tough, and in retrospect this has been completely unnecessary.

At this moment, Jolien is back to life and healthy, does not wet her pants anymore and is able to practise her sports to her hearts' content. And all of this thanks to this very special substance, which appears to do so much good. I am gladly sharing this story, because other parents should take notice and profit from it. This is what I hope with whole my heart!!”.

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I have much more vitality and my hair is curling beautifully again

Monique van der Sterren (age 49) From the Netherlands

Monique: “My general practitioner advised me to start taking vitamin B12, because of a burnout and to detoxify the liver. Ever since my hair is curling more and I have much more vitality (especially when taking in consideration that winter time is so much harder) and whenever my skin is damaged, I heal much faster. I am feeling much better.

I started off with the normal dosage and I increased this by taking a little more per day. Now I am doing the B12 Extra Power treatment. Spring is coming and with this, better weather is coming... I am gradually switching back to the normal dosage, by alternating between the normal and the Extra Power dosage. It’s fantastic. Mainly because the lozenges under the tongue are directly absorbed and transported to exactly the right places. I gave this treatment as a present to one of my girlfriend’s, and afterwards her hair looked great, just like with me”.

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Because of the tremendous powers of vitamin B12, once again, the sun is shining for me

Health coach Clara Ruizendaal (age 50)

Clara: ““Dear all. Today just an in-between article about vitamin B12. I am posting this now because it is incredibly important that a possible deficiency of B12 is taken seriously. It happens to be that, apart from the list of complaints (below) due to (among others) a lack of B12, this vitamin most likely is responsible for many, still unknown processes in your body.
It is also ultimately important to use the right kind of B12, since many kinds of B12 cannot be absorbed by your cells. Because the continuous intake of the wrong B12 may lead to a too high blood serum, resulting in your doctor’s acute advice to stop taking the supplement, even though the physical deficiency still remains critical..

My personal story

Personally, I also have a story I would like to share. As a result of my accident of five years ago, I became a patient in chronic pain, because of nerve injury. Suddenly I changed from a mid-40 woman –very much alive in a very healthy body– into someone I did not even recognise myself. Apart from the neurological pain there was a direct overstimulation, speech problems, chronic fatigue (in the long run), light-headedness, dizziness and all kinds of sensing, thinking, concentration and memory disorders. I sometimes say I was getting acutely and completely dement, but this was actually going on.

What follows next, is a circuit of hospitalization, being stuffed with all kinds of pain killing medication, quite powerful ones, to say the least. In no-time I was sucked into a downward spiral, and could hardly think and feel anymore, because of these overwhelming pains. Furthermore, I gained 60 pounds, a tremendously annoying incidental circumstance. Two years after the accident I decided to stop the medication altogether, because I noticed that my body was declining as a result of this chemical rubbish I needed to take on a daily basis in order to make my life endurable.

Apart from this all, every two weeks I was given 35 Lidocaine injections, directly into all of the nerve bundles of my spine. They did the same into my neck and shoulders. After I had all of these shots, I was whining and groaning with pain, as a result of all those internal bruising in between my muscles. I had to vomit for two days straight. My liver and body just could not handle this anymore… After the slow cutting back on my medication, I was in pain, which was hardly bearable, but thank goodness I was at least a bit more clear-headed, I could think again and I was alive once more!

The tremendous power of vitamin B12

My memory had suffered such a big damage, I had to learn all of about holism, orthomolecular medicine and food again, and after months of administering driblets of information into my brain, to stimulate my memory, I was finally able to restore a thing or two. Immediately I remembered the tremendous power of vitamin B12. I was already taking it, but suddenly I realised I was taking the wrong, non-organic kind!

Something inside was telling me: “Pardon me Clara, but you have injuries–how on earth could B12 change that?” But despite that, I just changed my way of taking it, guided by my feelings, under the tongue and of course as the organic methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin forms of B12. The first two weeks, nothing spectacular happened, until I suddenly realised that my thumb, which had become completely numb, started to have stabs of pain. It changed from a cold piece of flesh into something tingling and itching, and from that moment on, other positive changes started to manifest as well.

To cut a long story short: I changed from an almost completely senile woman into the woman I am now. Still enough pain, tiredness and overstimulation–and still memory failure–but I am not spending 80% of my time in bed anymore. I am talking, writing, and my memory has surely changed for the better! I do not have these permanent insensitivities in my limbs anymore, only when I overtax them. I am able to finish sentences, because I can remember what I am talking about. Once more, the sun is shining for me. How happy it makes me!

Please think for yourself

The reason I want to share this with you: not to attract attention, because seriously, that is not what I need. But I would like to stimulate anyone with chronic ailments, even if caused by injury, illness, surgery or what else, to keep considering the consequences. Because it is so tempting to just surrender yourself into the hands of the doctors, and stuffing yourself with all kinds of chemicals. Believe me: initially you are so happy when something is offered to you to stop the pain and symptoms, but your body just cannot handle this for long! I have seen how my very healthy body changed into an overweight body with hypertension, a liver tumour (luckily benign), kidney stones, gallstones, and a huge decline of muscle-power and body strength. Not all of these complaints were the results of the accident, but they WERE the adverse effects of all those medicines, the 13 surgeries and countless scans and MRI’s following it. Your body will decay ever more, because it is becoming a container of chemical waste! Today, after quitting all of the medication, I have been fighting for over two years already to get my physical health back, apart from my injury, and gradually I am saying goodbye to more and more doctors. My kidneys don’t have kidney stones anymore, my blood pressure is down to normal, I show no visceral fat, no high cholesterol, and two months ago I was declared organically healthy. All of this, seriously, as a result of eating ultra-healthy and the help of all of these daily supplements, including my B12!

Never give yourself up!
Dear readers, never ever give up on yourself! Keep on fighting and, by all means, keep on thinking. Physicians are always needed, and if there is no other way, you really need to stay on your medication, but then again, in any case do many things yourself as well. For instance, eat super healthy and detoxify yourself. Take your vitamins, certainly when your body is suffering in one way or another, because just in such a situation it needs extra nutrients. Do everything you can to keep your hormones balanced. If not, chances are that many complaints, unfortunately hard to explain by a doctor, will surface.

If a physician wants to give you pain medication, alert yourself to the consequences these might have! Know that just one aspirin could unbalance your hormones. Imagine what could happen when you are taking pain medication for years in a row. Pain really is bearable if you do not victimize yourself. Be critical and please look after yourself, and gain control. Doctors are no saints anymore, and there are so many therapists or alternative doctors out there who might work complementary, in order to maintain your health

Just have a look at the list of symptoms in this website, and decide for yourself if you should try supplementing B12 for your symptoms. By the way, it is always wise to take folic acid together with B12 (that is why the B12 on this website has a formula with folic acid). Symptom list.

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Psychological and/or psychiatric problems Overige aanwijzingen en symptomen

I feel reborn!

Hanneke from the Netherlands

Hanneke: “After about twenty years of recurring and different symptoms, and a whole range of therapists, doctors and healers, I came across Dr. Hans Reijnen’s book about B12 deficiency.
All of my symptoms were described there.
Two years ago, I started with 1000 mcgs of B12. At first, this resulted in a change for the better.
But, as time went by, the exhaustion and pains returned once more. I changed to the Power Package and after that to the Mega Package.
Nowadays, after months of taking a daily dose of B12, I am taking 20,000 mcgs of Methyl and Adenosyl and 1,600 mcgs of Folic Acid once a week.

I am reborn!!!

What I mean by that? I am not endlessly exhausted anymore. Even when I woke up at night I felt exhausted, dead-beat.
Sleeping well again, just getting a whole night’s sleep is awesome.
My muscles feel like they are finally working correctly again when I walk up the stairs.
No need to hoist myself to the next floor..

Problems of a malfunctioning sphincter seem to be in the past.
I was frequently looking for the nearest bathroom.

Regular sore throats and a burning sensation of my tongue were the least of my symptoms, but now this is in the past, it feels like freedom.

Finally I have a pain free body... The pain, feeling stiff, slogging… it is over. I feel alert and happy, I can be active when needed, and I find it delightful to move my body.

No more I lying on the bed, feeling exhausted while in fact I had hardly done anything.

Does that not sound like being reborn?!

It seems a tragedy to me that, in all likelihood, so many people are suffering from similar symptoms, and are not being treated properly for this by regular medicine, while a few daily lozenges of B12 could improve their lives so tremendously.

Spread the word"

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More energy and no more menstrual disorders

Margriet (age 49)

Margriet: “Because my daughter has already had good results with your B12 formula, I thought it would be wise to have my own blood tested as well. It appeared I was just very close to being B12 deficient. It was advised to take B12 supplements as well. I ordered this from you [the Standard Package of 3,000 mcgs, B12-ed.] Because I was not aware of my symptoms at the time, I had no idea what to expect.

But to my big surprise, pretty fast it turned out that symptoms I had become ‘used to’during my ovulation, appeared to be gone! Usually around that period I had painful breasts, a painful lower back and I felt shaky and tired. After two months of using B12, I realised that all of these symptoms had disappeared. And apart from that, I have a lot more energy.

Well, if there is really a connection, I don’t know. But in my opinion it is at least remarkable that, after using this Vitamin B12, these ailments of mine are gone. Besides feeling more energetic, I find a very nice and welcome side effect. Anyway, for the time being, I will keep taking these B12 tablets daily”.

2014 is a new beginning for me!!

Marga (age 60) From the Netherlands

Marga: “I am so happy with your website. I came here because I was always looking for the real cause of my tiredness: physically and mentally tired. With tears in my eyes I read your list of symptoms and the testimonials of others. There was no doubt in my mind and ordered the Power Package. I did not visit my doctor first, because since a long time already I’ve stopped trusting in the “medical”science.

Initially, there was some exacerbation, but I have taken this for granted. I KNEW I was on the right track. Now I am 2 months into the process with the Power Package and I feel reborn: a bit tired now and then, but not exhausted anymore. Psychologically I feel strong and clearheaded. Finally these ‘plugs of cotton’ in my head are gone. It feels like I awakened from a nightmare. You see, my life meant being chronically fatigued and still needing to go on and being there for the others. And yes, I did visit a lot of doctors and healers

According to ALL of my doctors, I was just a nervous wreck, sometimes suffering from anaemia. Once more, they prescribed iron pills… In hindsight, I do recognise the symptoms my mother had. My mother, with who I maintained a love-hate relationship. The illness called Vitamin B12 deficiency causes exhaustion during stress and hormonal changes. That is correct in my case, because my pregnancy was complicated; the first few months I could only sleep, and despite all this sleeping I got exhausted, at the time the doctor labelled this as “pregnancy psychosis” They prescribed Valium, until I ended up in the hospital and was treated for a neglected pyelitis (renal inflammation). Although inflammation is not the right term here; to me it was exhaustion of the adrenals. After delivery, I got iron pills once more, because I was so weak.

When my son reached 3 months, we moved to another home, which needed to be renovated. I was dragging back and forth between the two houses with my child. I got over fatigued, and my son temporarily went with my parents to their camping place. With a lot of guilt feelings I welcomed my son when he returned, with a nice colour on his face and well-grown, which of course is completely normal at that age, but I felt endlessly guilty. In the new home my life consisted of raising my child and running to the elderly in-laws, to take care of them. “Keep on going, Marga, you are still young, so you need to do this…”

When in 1974 my son reached his first birthday, I needed surgery for my gallbladder; a heavy operation. Tough recovery and once again iron pills. For years I kept going, until the elderly had passed away, and then again I collapsed completely, utterly exhausted and as a result of that I suffered a depression as well. I was in psychiatric care, got medicines and I needed to “talk”. But about what?

Of course it was way too much to raise a child, with a husband working shifts and running about to take care of the in-laws, but to get so overstrained from this? I had weird fears, I wasn’t able to explain these, but time and time again I was seized by these fears. They were driving me mad… as if they weren’t my own! I was always worrying about everyone else. This is my “sweet” side, but I am also the one with a rough tongue and the short temper; although covered with a lot of humour, I kept the wheels turning, somehow..

A fighting divorce resulted and I was on my own again. And I kept on going. I was labelled as difficult, and was left by God and everyone else; my son who was told all kinds of lies about how “bad” I was. The “promise” of my ex-husband that he would see to it that my son would never see me again has come true. But, I regained my freedom and went on and on. Often tired again, but this appeared to be normal. I remember having slept for 36 hours straight. Exhausted once more, but according to my doctor at the time, I was suffering from a depression, because when you are walking with a stamp like that on your forehead, no-one will look beyond that. I remember asking my doctor if it could be a B12 deficiency or something like that. I just got a pitying look back, because I was looking for an excuse for my depression. No, all I could get were antidepressants and nothing else, because he said “ by eating one egg a week, you are getting enough B12” So in other words, don’t keep complaining about your ailments.

I had a problematic start with my current partner, Bill. In the beginning it was not exactly a stable basis. I had a neck hernia and needed surgery, with a lot of pain and heavy pain killers. Again, a hard recovery and iron pills. But hey, I recovered (?) and we initiated a foundation in Gambia, Africa, and, apart from our fulltime jobs, we were constantly busy with this foundation. Much, very much energy went into this Bill’s health was constantly a great worry. His surgeries were also a demand on my own energy. One failure after another with the wrong medication and heavy surgery, my exhaustion, resulting in explosive stress, was good for neither of us. But hey, Marga is strong, has an answer to everything and always makes such a fuss, so don’t pay attention; you used to have fun with her.

Today I am so happy with this vitamin B12 deficiency diagnosis: finally recognition and an answer to my assumption that there should be “something” causing all of this. My body was and is worn out, and I need to recover. For now no new projects; no work or worries, so I may regain my strength. Slowly but steadily this has to work. Already I am feeling more clear-headed, and my body is reacting well. Now and then I am still tired, and my fingers, feet, legs and back feel “different”, but all right. It feels like I took off a pair of trousers with way too tight braces.

Luckily, Bill is an understanding guy and I am now in contact with fellow-sufferers, because with this undermining disease one encounters much ignorance like “ just a bit of anaemia...” First you need to get rid of this stamp that you’re crazy... I also realise that I have the same disease my mother had. And that we have been hard to deal with for our circle of acquaintances, because of this everlasting fatigue. The accompanying mental restlessness and high irritability is killing not only for yourself but for the ones around you as well. Because you’ve never known anything else, you think this is normal, you go on and on. So be it, and I will have to deal with that… but it will be all right.

2014 is a new start for me!!!!”


P.S. “Now my greatest dilemma: mean while, I have read a lot about this B12 deficiency disease, and I found out that this is hereditary: I inherited this from my mother, and for my part I passed it on to my son. I am going to contact him, hoping he will listen to his “crazy” mother. But now I understand why at a young age he already had trouble with chewing his food, was always tired, had headaches, weak ankles, needed a liver cure from the homeopath, and always looked pale: all of them symptoms of a B12-deficiency.

When he was 5, because of his headaches he was referred to an ophthalmologist (eye doctor), but he was informed that his eyes were fine and this was bound to have a psychological cause (???)… He was also referred to the hospital because his tonsils were abnormally big. A blood test appeared to be normal, but of course a cure of iron pills was prescribed. All good reasons to keep searching for the real cause, but hey, I was an overly caring mother and should not overreact. Now I know that iron pills will not solve the problem. It is a metabolism disorder, for which you need to take lifelong vitamin B12 supplementation. No B12 injections, because those are not sufficient”.

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Other signs and symptoms

Now I can do anything I want

Gretha from the Netherlands

Gretha: "I was a dynamic young mother–I did everything that needed to be done. I didn’t even know what tiredness was. I didn’t linger over it. Then my marriage got problematic, and eventually I had a divorce, which had a lot of impact on me. I couldn’t handle it very well. Meanwhile, I had become a single working parent with 3 kids. I became tired more often, and developed a whole range of physical symptoms. “Yes, you are getting older”, my girlfriends used to say. And “You are always so busy”. Or: “You have to do everything by yourself these days”.

But yes, there I was at night, sitting alone at home, completely worn out. Go out and have fun? No energy left for that. That is how the years passed, and, now we are talking about the year 2000, I was having weird symptoms. Like cardiac arrhythmia–this made me very anxious. And I got inflamed groins, intestines, gums, and sometimes a spontaneous big inflammation in my face. Suddenly I had a tingling in hands and feet, and very painful feet and legs. I also had lower back pains and serious periodontitis. I suffered from very heavy and painful periods, which caused me to quit working for at least a week per month because of total malaise. And I had a nasty cold, all the time. Man, my immunity was poor: when I was in the same room as someone with the flu, I came down with the flu as well.
And, all of a sudden I had these bruises, but not from bumping into something, very odd indeed. But when I did knock up against something, I was really black and blue…

But hey, we need to stand strong, don’t we all. So, on will power alone I managed to keep going on; besides, I am not a ‘whiner’. But to be honest: I felt like a wreck more and more. My whole body hurt. Every night I went to sleep completely worn out, and every morning I had to force myself getting out of bed. Eventually, I didn’t even have the nerve to visit the doctor anymore; she would see me coming–not again…

So this was my odd, shaky state of health, and I just tried to live with it. And no matter what try and remain ‘positive’ But how do you do this? I knew“something”? ” is wrong with me. But no-one was able to find a cause. I thought: “I just have bad luck…” And yes, I subsequently put on my mask, for the outside world. Nobody really realised how completely wrecked I felt, time and again. Because on the outside I looked fine. But no-one knew that I did my work at the end of my tether, drove home exhausted, immediately dropped down at the couch and then fell into a comatose sleep. And you will understand that in such a state you are not able to take good care of yourself anymore. Cooking was way too tiring. So a few sandwiches was all I ate. But I resigned myself to it. Soon I developed a kind of way to deal with the situation. I secluded myself from the outside world, but it did not make me happy. What I experienced was that the longer you are in it the worse it all gets.
Meanwhile, there were other problems adding up at work. I was under great pressure. And at the same time I realised I was not able to think straight any more. Could not concentrate much anymore. I had increasing trouble finding the right words. Very weird. This made me feel afraid that I was getting Alzheimer’s.

And this long list of physical symptoms I had was getting even longer: I could not endure bright sunlight any more; I was also losing my hair, which made me worry even more. I had thrombosis, acute rheumatism and even tinnitus. Really, it was all so very unreal!
By the end of 2008 I was getting desperate.“O help, wat moet ik nu doen?”, I was thinking. Really, I would not last long any more. I called in sick and lived like a zombie for three weeks on the couch. The doctor concluded I had a burn-out. That it was a mental thing. I knew this was not true. All the time I knew there ought to be something physically wrong with me. That there just could not be a psychological cause. Truly, I just was completely beat. I didn’t even have the strength to oppose the doctor’s conclusion..

Then one day, I got a call from a friend. It appeared she was also sitting home with a burn-out, and her doctor said he wanted to test het blood for B12. I had never heard of this before; I was pretty ignorant in all that. Naïve even. But hey, what you don’t know you don’t know. My friend asked: “Wouldn’t you want this too?”. That rang a bell. I thought: “Maybe this could be the missing link!” But my own doctor said: “Oh no, that is no possible at all.” She did not want to accept that. But I insisted and I had the test done. Then, a few days later, a call from the doctor: I had this very low blood count of Vitamin B12 of only 79. I need to get shots immediately. The first few weeks I go shots of Hydroxcobalamin-hydrochlorid B12 every other day, from February 2nd 2009..

And… it worked! The first week I was completely hyperactive, I was on cloud nine: finally, finally my symptoms were diminishing, very slowly! So probably these were all caused by a too late recognised/acknowledged/identified Vitamin B12 deficiency. As soon as the symptoms were decreasing substantially, we cut back on the injections to the maintenance dosage. At the same time I wanted to get into motion, but initially this was very hard to do, because my physical condition had gone down to zero. I had to build it up completely. After six months I needed only one B12 shot per month. Right after every injection, I thought: “Wow, now I feel healthy again.”But after that many years of health misery, anything was already a leap forward, of course. And when I was a week late with my monthly B12 shot, my legs were mushy again. All energy seemed to be leaking out of my system. This was mainly noticeable when walking up the stairs. So I was heading in the right direction, but I needed to watch myself carefully. And particularly make sure I got my B12 shots in time.

In hindsight, it appeared that, in spite of the many B12 shots, I still had to deal with complaints. But of course it is always possible that more factors are influencing your health. I think that stress is also a very big factor. Everyone says that you need to try and have less stress in your life, but they never tell you how to do it. Until a few years ago I did the NLP training with Tiouw. It appeared my health was so much better that I wanted to continue my life in a positive way, and make a U-turn. I developed better ways to deal with stress. Mainly the NLP basic protocol I learned about has done me a world of good. Yes, I wished someone had told me this before; it would have prevented a lot of misery. Ever since, I am able to handle my emotions, and can I guard and communicate my boundaries. I even started my own practice, during this schooling pcperla.nl. So now I may follow my own passions, and offer my help to many others.

In March 2013, I discovered your website vitamineB12nu.nl, and despite what my doctor had told me, that I always would need B12 shots, I ordered my first pack of B12-lozenges with you. And these are very satisfying. I had my last B12 shot in April, and now there are no ‘gaps’ in my energy level. At the same time I am improving more and more to the vitality level I once had before, when I was such a young, vital and energetic woman. Finally I now can do anything I want once more.
Before discovering my huge Vitamin B12 deficiency I walked up the stairs like an elderly woman. Now I am flying the same route as a young flower… My memory, by the way, has improved even more, since last March. This makes me very happy. No fears of getting Alzheimer’s anymore. And everything goes so much easier. For instance, I now get up at 07:00, being a 100% fit and fresh. And clear-headed. And I am able to continue all day long. Of course, there are times when I am tired, but then I know the reason is my hard work. And when I take a half hour nap, I am back and restored again. Just like it is supposed to be.
And I do not suffer from this extreme hair-loss any more. No more rheumatism. No more bruises. No black and blue spots when I happen to bump against something. I am taking no more medicines for the heart. Yes, I am doing pretty well now! I am not high-sensitive to light and sunlight any more. Sounds are much more bearable as well, thank goodness.

Once again I can go to parties, and when I need to stand all night long it doesn’t cause trouble. I now am in good shape again, by exercising regularly. In former days I just didn’t have the energy for that.
O yes: I didn’t even tell you that I have a worn hip and according to doctors I would need an artificial hip. Otherwise I would overtax the other hip, causing it to wear down as well. I did not want that to happen, and with the help of an expert osteopath, I managed to take care of the inflammations. And ever since I am taking this Vitamin B12, doing exercise and do not suffer from stress any more, my hip isn’t troubling or hurting me! So hip surgery is out of order now.
There is more: my eye-sight has improved as well! Really very remarkable. I notice this mostly while driving. Also my self-confidence, which had been undermined considerably during the many years of ailing, is now on a normal level again. I am not sure if all of this was caused by this B12 supplementation. I think it’s more of a combined situation. My approach for a stress-free and healthy lifestyle surely has had its effects and has contributed to my success of being completely healthy again. Anyhow, this being back to normal, after so many years of suffering, is now finally a fact. And you will understand that I am super happy with this achievement.

I am telling this story about my vitamin B12 deficiency to as many people as possible. I am also tipping them off about your website and your approach of lozenges. In conclusion, I have a heartfelt message for all: Believe in yourselves! Especially when you suspect that you might have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. I say: even if regular healthcare is frustrating you, please follow your intuition. Stand firm. And just enforce what you want. The big mistake many doctors are making is they just don’t know how many symptoms a Vitamin B12 deficiency might cause. Even with B12 blood counts they think are “normal”! Yes, concerning this, I do hope that regular doctors will cooperate more with alternative health workers. I hold on to this hope, because such cooperation could save our society a lot of money by recognising a Vitamin B12 deficiency sooner. So nobody (and this is in my opinion the most important) will be trapped in such a miserable health situation like I had to go through. And to you, from vitaminB12nu.nl, I say: “Go for it, you can do it!” Together we are improving the health of The Netherlands!”

Heatfelt greetings, Gretha

Neurological signs and symptoms

Cardiovascular problems Psychological and/or psychiatric problems Other signs and symptoms

The cardiac arrhythmia has reduced a lot

Patricia Vlasman (age 41)

Patricia: "Today I ordered my second Standard Package of B12. Since last September I felt much better already. My cardiac arrhythmias have reduced a lot and I am feeling less stressed and much evenly balanced. It may be strange to say, but I feel more clear-minded and am able to listen better to my soul.

As soon as I receive this new package, I will also offer these tablets to my 11-years old son. I am so happy with the B12 tablets and because I am feeling so well now I do not want to stop, because I might feel worse if I do. Thank you so much for your insight and advice to start with B12 supplements. I am really very thankful to you!"

Author Patricia Vlasman, Author of the books: “In alles eenzaam” (Lonely in everything) and “Openhartig” (Honest). Publisher Artemis & Co.

Cardiovascular problems

I am becoming more and more active!

NN. (age 74) From the Netherlands

NN: "As a spiritual human being–years of daily meditation and about 30 years of living without meat or fish–it happened every so often that I found myself searching the house for something edible (no sweets). In the supermarket they sell pre-packed slices of roast beef… and at home I would devour this on the spot, and it made me feel better. From roast beef I switched to organic salmon fillet. This is what I feel I needed once every four weeks.

Meanwhile, I was getting increasingly more apathetic, doing only the necessary things and then needing to sit down again, feeling tired, without any drive. And I noticed that I was not able to think straight, I couldn’t phrase words correctly, let alone say them out loud. My hemispheres apparently were not harmonised. This came as a kind of shock to me: for years I have been very forgetful, and in my family we have a lot of dementia.

Next, I had an appointment at the family doctor’s office. I got a general blood test, and at my request they tested for (a deficiency of) Vitamin B12, because I had read this book of Dr. Hans Reijnen about the subject. The blood test showed a deficiency: Vitamin B12 was 132 ng/L and vitamin D at 12 ng/L. Being in the sun for an hour works wonders, and I am outdoors often, but when you are over sixty, you absorb less of this Vitamin D.

The family doctor advised injections of vitamin B12, but agrees with an alternative medication. Advised by the staff of vitaminB12.nu, I started the Power Package of vitamin B12 in April. After just a few weeks, I already feel the difference: a little more energy and I are becoming more active. This “zombie-feeling” has gone! And above all: the hemispheres are working well together again. I do not feel a blockade anymore, the gap between the left and right hemisphere (a very distressing feeling) has gone.

Three months later, the results of another blood test showed a higher level of vitamin B12 as well as Vitamin D, being 2000 ng/L and 21,6 ng/L. I am now in the process of cutting down on the vitamin B12 dosage, and will continue taking 20 mcgs of Vitamin D.
This is what I experienced, and I am very pleased with the results. This all happened because I read the book of Dr. Reijnen and ended up at this vitamin B12 website. And now I am feeling healthy and active once more!".


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I am 44 years of age, felt 84 in May, but now feel 24!

Mjon (age 44) Fromt the Netherlands

Mjon: “Of all vitamins, B12 is my favourite. Since June, I decided to start injecting myself with B12, and taking a sufficient amount of B12 lozenges (vitamineb12nu.nl). Because of this, my energy level has improved, and a whole shopping list of complaints has vanished! Finally the right treatment for my illness: Addison Biemer / Pernicious anaemia! I am 44 years of age, felt 84 in May, but now feel 24!

Meanwhile I am convinced that the current soil depletion and all this poison we are exposed to, makes that everyone (yes, meat eaters as well) need an extra B12. Only 100% healthy, completely symptom-free, happy, non-addicted and stress-free people do not need extra vitamin B12. Are you such a person? Please let me know, because I would like to know what that feels like…..”

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Psychological and/or psychiatric problems Other signs and symptoms

My son can go to school again!

Karina Stelloo

Karina: This is about my son. Vitamin B12 has altered his life, and of course mine as well. After a very long search, which did not make us much happier, the lecture by Dr. Hans Reijnen gave me so many new insights that I immediately decided to order a pack for my son. Now, after a few months, he is regaining his health. Due to his tremendous fatigue, he had to switch to a lower school grade, because he did not have enough energy to go to school, stand alone being able to concentrate. Now he is cheerful, he is biking miles and miles, to “hang out” with his friends. This is making me so intensely happy; no words can describe this. I am thankful for people like Bo Baden and Hans Reijnen.

"Dear Bo,
You do not know me personally. But I have seen and listened to you during the June lecture of Hans Reijnen in Bergen (Netherlands). I attended because I wanted to know more about what caused my 15 years old son to not being able to go to school for over two years. While I was listening, so many things finally made sense, not only for me but many others as well, that I ordered a pack for my son at once.
I would like to react with this message, and tell you that my son’s life has completely changed. He is finally back to being cheerful and energetic. I think that his B12 count was 199 ng/L when he started. I have no clue how much it is right now, but there is no need to find out. His behaviour says it all. He feels it too. Initially he was not so dedicated about taking his tablets regularly. After all, he had tried so much already, but now he will not skip a day. I am so thankful that I was there, thankful having seen people like you, with your passion for the well-being of others. Thanks, Bo!!
Heartfelt, Karina Stelloo".

Other signs and symptoms

I can do my own housekeeping again.

Daisy (age 50)

Daisy:"Right after taking the first pills I had noticeable results already. After that it only got better. Before this, there was no energy left inside of me at all. Nothing came out of me. Even the smallest chores in the household were too much for me. But gradually, this was getting better because of the B12 lozenges with folic acid. I can now do my own housekeeping again. I take walks for like 4 hours a week, and ride my bike for another 2 or 3 hours. Just great. I went from an octogenarian to an easy woman in her fifties…" Kind regards, Daisy.

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